Excel Training

Excel training (also includes training on Google Sheets)

OK so Excel can be a little daunting even for experienced users. Also, as with many programs, if you don't use a particular feature (or formula) every day, when you want to use it, you simply can't remember!

Our courses are backed up by on-going support to get you out of a hole when you need it!

With 18 years experience in training in industry and education, we recognise that customer service and support are vital to ensure new knowledge is retained.

Learn to do what you need and not what a trainer wants to teach you.

Why do you need to rush in and learn how to use Pivot tables for example? I was taught to use them but at the time, didn't have a need for them so I simply forgot how. One day, when I needed to summarise data, all of a sudden, they were so easy to learn!

Our courses start by identifying what you need to know, using familiar data to play with and using your data to achieve what you want. For example, you can learn how to pull just your mortgage or rent data from your bank account data and total this in isolation.

The image below is from a calculator I created to work out how much dried food I need for my 10 kg cat because the guide on the pack only went up to 6 kg.

Bespoke courses to help you speed up your workflow and get the most from your data include a fact finding session to look at exactly what you need for home or for your buslness.